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Patient Testimonials

October 01, 2004

As a Hearing aid wearer for the past 25 years, I had already learned not to go to a hearing aid salesman for treatment of a medical condition.  What I was looking for was a Doctor of Audiology.  I was in need of new hearing aids, and a friend recommended Dr. Dewald.

After a hearing test done with state of the art technology, she fitted me with the best hearing aids I have ever had.  Dr. Dewald spent much of her valuable time making sure that the fit and the sound was right for me.  You can imagine my sly smile now when my wife (who does not wear hearing aids) asks me to please turn up the TV so she can hear it more clearly.  Thanks, Dr. Dewald.  You’re a true professional who has given me the gift of better hearing.



June 08, 2005

Dearest Natasha,

I can’t begin to express my gratitude for helping my mother to be able to better hear.  I know for some people accepting hearing loss is difficult, a sign of aging and something to feel shameful of.  My mother suffered for many years feeling left out of family conversations during gathering.  The rest of us suffering with frustration knowing she didn’t understand what we asked.  You helped her know this was nothing to feel shameful of and for that I will be forever grateful.  You took your time with her and made her feel comfortable with the entire process. Not only comfortable but helped her to understand at each step what you were doing.  You also too the time to educate my father and myself about speaking more clearly and helped us to understand better how she feels and you did it so naturally that we didn’t realize we had learned anything until we started applying what you told us.

Instantly, on the way home, while talking to her in the car I realized she was hearing everything.  She turned to smile at me and the sparkle in her eyes was something I had not seen in many years. Every time I give her a hug I whisper to her, “I love you mom.” And when I did it that evening she relied with “I love you too.”  I got so teary eyed and when she asked me why, I explained to her that I ALWAYS say that to her and this time she actually heard it.  Then she cried tears of joy with me.

I know it will still take a bit of time for her to get used to it and time for us to remember always speak more clearly to her, but what a difference the hearing aid has made.  But not just that, you Natasha have made a difference in all our futures. Your Kindness, your spirit and your knowledge has helped to better all of our lives.

Gratefully yours,


April 06, 2007

Dear Dr. Dewald,

I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with my new hearing aids.  They are the very best I have had and the clarity is absolutely amazing.  Thank you so much for doing such a great job.

As Pleased as I am with mine Mrs. K want me to tell you how much of a difference you have made for her.  With the way her hearing was and her vision problems before obtaining her new hearing aids she was beginning to withdraw from life and trying to avoid people and situations where she was expected to engage in conversation.  Her new aids have made it not only possible to converse with others but have enabled her to enjoy plays and concerts as well.  While the vision problems continue she has a much richer and fuller life with her new hearing aids.

Thank you again for the wonderful hearing aids and thank you for being warm and friendly, we feel you are a close friend of ours.



July 30, 2007

Dear Dr. Dewald,

You may recall, I first came to see you as a result of your appearance on “The Wellness Hour.”  For many years, I have been to several excellent hearing doctors (otolaryngologists) and subsequently pretty good hearing aid people, usually affiliated with a university in the graduate school.  I had good experiences until I moved to Los Angeles and was not able to find anyone of that caliber.

Since moving to the desert, I am thrilled and delighted to have been your patient here in Palm Springs / Rancho Mirage, CA, since your early days of practice here.

Every visit with you has been an outstanding experience!

You are so friendly, respectful and solicitous; kind, caring, understanding and educated about hearing loss and the effects it has on a person and their life.  I have not found all those components in anyone or anyplace else!

I am so ecstatic and pleased with my new hearing aid that it is like a miracle.  I am also thankful that you were able to keep my old hearing aids in good running order until I was ready to purchase a new one and did not ever try to “sell” me one! You know I just think you are the greatest!!!  Thank you for your wonderful care and I just hope everyone else who has any hearing problems will be wise enough to come to you to solve their problems!!!

Fondly and sincerely,


Dear Natasha, Danette & Alicia,

After my horrible experiences with a certain ‘Hearing Aid Salesman’ as you call them! (ha) My daughter saw your ad and I called your office. I’m so grateful! I’ve worn them everyday since. You all are so very caring and always make time for me when I need you. It’s been 3 years and I would never dream of going anywhere else!

Love, Maxine

Dear Dani,

I am writing to thank you for the courteous, sincere and professional manner demonstrated in every phase of my experience with you and your facility. I am extremely pleased with my BTE Phonak and have adjusted to it immediately and continue to enjoy what it has provided me these last 3 months that I have been using it. Hearing disability has, for some, an additional dimension. That being an emotional hurdle to navigate. For me this was not a problem. I already had a hearing aid in my right ear for over a decade and I never let vanity get in the way of being able to listen. Never quite understood why people would shy from an ‘aid’ and opt to say “what” instead every other sentence. The point here is that your warm and engaging personality and skill with which you handle people can make the most user adverse individual comfortable. As you know I had a very negative experience with another office in the desert, but working with you more then helped erase those memories. Feel free to use this letter as you wish as I heartily recommend you to anyone experiencing hearing loss and the need to purchase a hearing aid.

Sincerely, Don

I was very reluctant and nervous about investing in and wearing a hearing aid until I went to HUH Help U Hear Hearing Aid Center where I was evaluated by Dr. Natasha Dewald. She fit me with an instrument that is serving me well and allowing me to participate in social occasions with comfort and confidence for the first time in quite a while. Dr. Dewald and the staff at the center are unfailingly helpful and pleasant and my only regret is that I didn’t consult her much sooner!



Dear Dr. Dewald,

I want you to know how grateful I am to have you for my hearing care! In the four years that we have been working together, the quality of my life has improved dramatically! It is wonderful to be able to hear again with the hearing aid that you prescribed for me. Your caring, your expertise and your professionalism are outstanding and well above that of most doctor’s of audiology! Than you for being you, and thank you for being ours!

December 1, 2011


I almost wrote to you the evening you fitted me with the pair of Phonak’s Audeo S Smart. Instead I thought I would wait, and comment more widely after 6 days experience. Here are those experiences:

That Monday after the fitting, I drove back to the coast. I almost gave the wheel to Sharyn. There were so many new driving sounds. For 2 hours it totally distracted me. But I decided to cope with it. The devices are amazing. So superior to the previous Phonak Smart I tried over a year ago. There are so many new great hearing experiences, I cannot count them all. The most difficult was TV, even with the older version. Now sooo much better. Yes, I still miss a word here or there, but I am listening to the TV at Sharyn’s hearing level-she has perfect hearing. I refuse to go back to the headphones. Instead I am trying to retrain my brain as you recommended. Sharyn noticed how much I now talk with a much quieter voice, she chuckles at that. We feel our relationship has truly been enhanced. Another significant test was Thanksgiving, with 16 people talking almost simultaneously. I was able to separate the voices without straining to do so. I was, at one point talking at a voice reply quit easily. And that was level #2(lower). Another benefit is equipment design. I do not have to Roto-Router the hearing tube as on the Sonic Brand, as there are no tubes to clean! The new bell design is a significant step forward. The bell’s 90 degree angle on the auditory apertures has remained clean, without effort. I have yet to replace the wax trap. As a result, far less labor intensive pre-install preparation is required. Walking the dog off leash in the woods today, I knew where “Roxy” was at all times-I could hear her dog tags jingling, even though she was out of sight.

I cannot thank you enough, Natasha! The value you have given me far exceeds the cost. Thank you, thank you!

John R.